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Religious Studies (RS)

 In Depth Religious Studies

Our teachings and teaching materials are free and available to the public, either by visiting our local branches or online.

We teach on: 

  • Religious Studies

  • Employment and careers

  • Financial Principles and Business Development

  • Relationship and Marriage

  • and many more...

NB. Our teachers are MA and PGCE qualified.

Studying Outside
Canned Food

Celebration Sunday
(First Sunday Agape)

​ Free food and drink for the general public

​Every first Sunday of the month, all the trustees participate in our AGAPE service by bringing in a meal of their own choice. We all share the food and drink with the general public. Any left over will be given to the less fortunate for take away.


5.8 million people in the UK live in ‘deep poverty’, making it hard for them to afford every day essentials, including food. Our  AGAPE takes place on the first Sunday of every month. It is a  program designed to help provide food and drink to the needy.


This is made possible with the help of our partners and trustees.

Come join us this first Sunday if you are struggling for food and drink or if you know someone who is in need of help, come or invite them this first Sunday.

Every first Sunday, 

Bacon Bruschetta

Professional Advice and Counselling

​ NDM free advice and counselling section

We at the NDM believe that privacy is as very important as counselling.

We carry out counselling service free of charge to the general public.

If you want advice on what step to take in your next decision, come in for a free and private counselling section carried out by our qualified trustees and guest therapists.


We can help you on the following issues: Depression - Anxiety - Stress Management - Alcohol Or Other Addictions - Bereavement - Coping With Traumatic Events - Relationship Difficulties - Sexuality Or Other Sexual Issues - Career/Work Stress - Social Problems - Difficulties At Work - Harassment - Physical Illness/Disability - Financial Difficulties - Coping/Adjusting With Change - General Personal Development - Marriage Advice - Prayer Needs - Need For Home Visit.

Every Saturday 12-3pm, contact us to book a slot.

Holding Hands

Here are some of the charities we help with monthly donation


Come and join us

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