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Mara at Meribah

Mara at Meribah

The story of Mara at Meribah is found in Exodus 17:1-7 in the Old Testament of the Bible. It is a story about the Israelites' journey through the wilderness towards the Promised Land.

After the Israelites left Egypt, they began to travel through the desert. They became thirsty and began to complain to Moses, saying that he had brought them out of Egypt only to let them die in the wilderness. Moses cried out to the Lord, asking for help.

The Lord instructed Moses to strike a rock with his staff, and water would flow from the rock for the people to drink. Moses did as the Lord instructed, and water flowed from the rock. The people were able to drink and were satisfied.

However, despite this miraculous provision, the people continued to complain and test the Lord. They asked Moses, "Is the Lord among us or not?" This lack of faith and trust in God led to consequences for the Israelites. The place where this happened was named Meribah, which means "quarreling," because the people quarreled with Moses and tested the Lord.

There are several lessons we can learn from the story of Mara at Meribah. First, we see the importance of trusting in God, even when we are facing difficult circumstances. The Israelites were in a desert with no water, but God provided for them in a miraculous way. Second, we see the danger of complaining and testing the Lord. The Israelites' lack of faith and constant complaining led to consequences for them.

Overall, the story of Mara at Meribah teaches us the importance of faith, trust, and gratitude. It reminds us that God is always with us and will provide for our needs, even in the most challenging situations. We should strive to have faith in God, avoid complaining and testing Him, and always be grateful for His blessings in our lives.

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